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   brigitte dalmaijer


photo © by Roel van Tour.

Brigitte has worked as a designer and researcher of woven textiles for many years. She is skilled in both handwoven as industrially manufactured weave developments. For Brigitte, the weaving technique functions as a medium to translate randomly obtained, everyday images into a woven textile product. Her work is characterized by a strong attention to detail, expressed by a refined application of material, colour and tactility.

Fascinated by the endless possibilities of interlacing warp and weft yarns, she weaves on shaft looms and jacquard looms. Since the limits of handweaving are little, she challenges herself to work within the boundary conditions of the weaving industry. Great interest and affinity with colour, material, texture and construction methods are her driving force and encouragement of improvement in the craft of weaving.

Working closely with weaving companies and design studios for years, Brigitte can be considered a specialized designer of woven interior fabrics. Her weave design is mainly focussed on the transition of traditional craftmanship to modern manufacturing processes, whilst maintaining the original handwoven aspects of her designs. Throughout her career, she has developed into an expert designer who truly understands the requirements of her clients and translates them into high-quality woven textiles.

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